we believe there's strength in partnership

Strategy and Policy partners

We believe in the strength of partnership working.  We are pleased to be involved with the following people at the forefront of directing, analysing and supporting environment and sustainability strategy and policy development .


 Dr Alan Netherwood

Alan Netherwood runs his own consultancy - Netherwood Sustainable Futures. Alan offers government, the public, private and non-government sectors high quality consultancy and research in the fields of sustainable development policy and practice and climate change. This draws on Alan’s 19 years’ experience working in the sustainable development field for local government, academia, Environment Agency Wales and voluntary bodies. Alan is a Director at Sustain Wales: Cynnal Cymru and a Honorary Research Fellow at Cardiff University. Alan's principal research interests are in organisational responses to sustainable development and climate change adaptation, particularly in relation to governance, the evidence base, organisational change and risk management. He also runs a 22 acre farm near Llandeilo.


 Bill Kirkup

Bill Kirkup is the Director of the Sustainable Futures Practice. Bill is a chartered environmentalist and a leading UK expert on sustainable procurement. He has a particular interest in the role which the procurement and supply chain functions of organisations can play in the development of the ‘green’ economy. Areas of expertise include public sector procurement, sustainable and low carbon products, market development and innovation, supplier engagement and behaviour change.




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